My Journey to Technical Communication

As with all the most exciting things in my life, I fell into Tech Comm by semi-accident. I originally attended the University of New England for 2 ½ years studying Marine Biology, before realizing that although I adore science, it was not the career path for me. After taking a little over a year to work and pursue my interests in art and creative writing, it was time to go back to school. I wanted to continue improving my writing skills but knew I didn’t want to leave STEM.

The answer?

Technical Communication.

In the Technical Communication program from Arizona State University, I found the perfect medium between hard science and creative writing. Learning how to create incredible content was and continues to be pure joy for me. I never expected to be the person expounding on how fun it is to conduct a qualitative audit at a party, or the challenges of designing an attractive (but usable) website over dinner, yet here I am. With Tech Comm, I learned that I needn’t sacrifice personal interest for a viable future career; instead, the best way to live is by combining both. Now having graduated ASU with my bachelor's in Technical Communication in December of 2019, I’m excited to continue learning and growing as a writer, designer, editor, and web composer.

A Bit More About Me

My interests outside of Tech Comm are primarily creative, and I spend much of my time writing science fiction-skewed short stories, drawing and painting abstract/surrealist pieces, and learning how to fold increasingly complex origami creatures. I currently live in shoreline Connecticut with my growing menagerie, including Frankenstein (Flemish giant rabbit), Koenig and Doohan/Slushy (parakeets), and Frog (African clawed frog). I enjoy reading odd books with strange heroes and watching strange movies with odd villains. When all else fails, I can be found in the kitchen breaking recipes to make better food.