Ironworks Labradors Website Development Project

Project Type: Website Development

Skills: Collaboration, Usability, Web Design,  Organization, Detail Oriented, Research

Technology: Wix

An established local English Labrador Retriever breeder since 1995, Ms. Andrews of Ironworks Labradors has been present in the canine show and sporting communities for decades. Interested in expanding her presence beyond word-of-mouth and Facebook, Ms. Andrews approached me to help her build her own website.

Designing this website wasn't just about building the site, but also teaching Ms. Andrews how to maintain and expand it should she wish to. We held weekly Zoom meetings where I would show what, how, and why I had added or edited elements to the site. This gave Ms. Andrews the confidence to continue adding to the site to reflect her dogs' accolades, activities, and litters.

Beyond working with Ms. Andrews, I was also tasked with researching various competitive canine sports and activities, as well as breed standards. My client wanted the site to not only represent her brand but also serve as a resource for those looking to learn more about Labrador Retrievers. To this end, I worked extensively on the site's tagging and page descriptions, and continue to work on raising the site's status in search results.

The site is now live at the client's request, and we are continuing to work on developing its reputation as both her branded online presence and a general resource.

Link to live site: