Amber's Pampered Pets Website Redesign 

Project Type: Website Redesign

Skills: Collaboration, Usability, Web Design,  Organization, Detail Oriented

Technology: Wix

Shortly after I graduated in 2019, I was approached by local business owner Amber Gaetano. Ms. Gaetano was in the process of building a new website for her pet sitting business, named at the time Amber's Purrfect Petsitting. Ms. Gaetano had begun to create a new website using a Wix template but was having difficulty navigating the platform and using its editor effectively. With a new name of Amber's Pampered Pets, Ms. Gaetano wanted a more modern feel for her online presence.

With a scheduled launch date for the new year, Ms. Gaetano brought me on to redesign her website less than a week prior to the said launch date. I initially designed a new homepage layout, color scheme, and website theme for her to approve. After her review, we integrated her preferences into a user-friendly layout then applied the concept to the site. I also assisted in moving much of her content from the old site to the new.

The final site design reflected Ms. Gaetano's fun, whimsical style, with the use of charming graphics and a pastel color scheme. We also incorporated her new logo into the site through some cursive elements. As my first major website project outside of my college courses, this was an exciting opportunity, from which I learned immensely about working with a client, their personal style, and a tight deadline.

Link to live site:


Ambers Pampered Pets Logo