Comprehensive Edit - Food Farmacy, Ltd. Employee Handbook

Project Type: Comprehensive Edit

Skills: Editing, Interpersonal, Design

Technology: MS Word


Here, I took the employee handbook provided by client FoodWorks, and comprehensively edited and redesigned it to be a usable document. I applied all my knowledge of editing to this handbook, as it was outdated, difficult to read due to grammatical and style issues, low quality due to repeated copying with no digital copy available, and generally unattractive. I copy marked the full document, then transcribed it while applying edits, revised all content for accuracy, and applied design elements.


I targeted these edits as to be understood by FoodWorks employees present and future, and I collaborated extensively with the store manager to ensure all content was accurate and applicable. My client was highly pleased with the outcome, and all FoodWorks locations now use this version of the employee handbook.

Attribution: FoodWorks logo provided by Food Farmacy Ltd.