My Adoption Story - Emily and Slushy

Project Type: Social Media Video

Skills: Oral and Verbal Communication, Design, Multimodal Media

Technology: MS PowerPoint, Corel Painter 6, FlashBack Express Recorder, Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, Wacom Drawing Pad


This short, narrated time-lapse digital illustration tells the story of how I adopted my parakeet Slushy, created for the exotic animal nonprofit rescue Foster Parrots, Ltd. social media accounts. I digitally illustrated a portrait with the text "Adopt, Don’t Shop," and a running narration about my adoption process and experience with Foster Parrots. I created the video to be posted to Facebook and Instagram, keeping it just over 5 minutes, with the 40x sped up time-lapse compensating for the longer runtime.


I used a variety of tools and software to create this project, which Foster Parrots will be using in their social media outreach, promoting exotic pet adoption. My first project using screen recording software and creating a time-lapse digital illustration, this project had me learning new skills and troubleshooting methods on the fly.


"Shell Voices" - Song - NiGiD