Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital Website Qualitative Audit

Project Type: Qualitative Audit and Formal Report

Skills: Written Communication, Website Analysis, Usability, Work with SMEs

Technology: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel


I conducted a qualitative site audit for the Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital and compiled my findings in a spreadsheet, report, and brief PowerPoint presentation. I analyzed each site page’s usability, knowledge level, findability, actionability, audience, and accuracy, with assigned numerical ratings and notes. I then translated this information into an audit overview and findings report targeted towards the OLVH practice manager, creating a framework for a future website redesign.


This report reviewed critical elements of content strategy, research into competitor websites, and numerical data translated into graphs for ease of understanding. I then transferred this information into a brief presentation to be viewed in tandem with the report, linked by tone and visual elements.

Attribution: All images courtesy of their respective veterinary hospital websites.