The First Line vol. 20 iss. 2

Project Type: Short Story Literary Magazine Publication

Skills: Creative Writing

Technology: MS Word


My science fiction short story “Sparrow” was published in The First Line Literary Journal vol. 20 iss. 2. My second short story publication, I wrote, edited, and revised this story about love, tattoos, and life in a surveillance state over the course of a few months. The premise of The First Line is they provide a mandatory first line for the story you submit, in this instance, “‘I wanted you to be the first to know,’ Rowan tentatively confided in me.”


Working with this first line challenged my concept of the creative writing process, and taught me how even a small idea could grow into a fully formed outcome.

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Attribution: The First Line vol. 20 iss. 2 cover image courtesy of Blue Cubicle Press